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october 01, 2017
we have been open for over three months and it's time for an update, a season event, and a new default skin! there have been a few changes/additions to the site, so go ahead and skim over that update. make sure to partake in the numerous events going on this month as there are many prizes to win! last but not least, please enjoy the very pink and purple "magic milkshake" skin!

september 21, 2017
activity check has long since been closed, otm winners were announced, and a large site update has gone into place. we've implemented a new "official" battle system used for tournaments and encounter threads. you're more than welcome to try it out in your own threads or just manage your battles yourself- whatever is easiest~ if you have any questions, let indigo or december know! we're coming up on a new month, a new skin, and a new big event so stay tuned!!

cream of the crop, top of the class


joey young


none :c



anyone wanting
to fight
a big "thank you" to...
darby of shine for the skin, sidhe of shine for the profile layout, kismet of rpg-d for the tab code used in the side-bar, and ree at shine for the custom topic structure. art credit goes to suikuzu, and ビオラ.
- kaleidoscope -
a pokemon university roleplay

kleur academy
teaching tomorrow's future
situated in the small scenic city of spectra, kleur academy is a proud institution of learning for aspiring pokemon trainers to become the next pokemon professionals in almost any field. we hope to see you soon!

KALEIDOSCOPE latest news: 04. pokemon guidelines
Welcome back; your last visit was on Today
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No New Posts the handbook
welcome to kleur academy! we pride ourselves in the quality education we provide to our students, but in order to accomplish this, we require that you read over all the information and guidelines that we have here. within this handbook you can find everything you will need to know from rules to all that we have to offer here. please feel free to ask questions if any of yours go unanswered!
5 9 Oct 7 2017, 08:11 PM
In: 04. pokemon guidelines
By: december
No New Posts suggestions n' questions
both guests and members can post here with any questions that have about the site. members may post in response if they know the answer, though a staff member will likely confirm it if this is the case. if there is anything you believe could be improved upon or added here at kaleidoscope, please post here to let us know!
-1 2 Oct 17 2017, 04:41 PM
In: Frequently Asked Questions
By: december
No New Posts bulletin board
the bulletin board will be updated regularly with staff announcements, site events, activity checks, or anything else new that should be addressed. this board should be checked regularly, though many of the topics will be pinned throughout the site to ensure that members will see them.
10 41 Nov 19 2017, 10:49 PM
In: activity check no. two
By: sage

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No New Posts registration
after reading the information found within the handbook, you may create your character. please use the provided application template and read over the information in the provided template example. also found within this board are the claims, who's who, and bans/encouragements. when your application is complete, please post in the notification thread with a link.
Subforums: pending

17 9 Nov 18 2017, 04:24 PM
In: koa okiishi
By: koa okiishi
No New Posts accepted characters
all accepted students and faculty can be found within this board. faculty are contained in their own subboard and students are categorized alphabetically. if you no longer wish to keep your character, please contact staff so that they may archive the application.
Subforums: competitive, research, selection, miscellaneous, undecided

56 46 Nov 21 2017, 08:40 PM
In: Kira O. Tatari
By: december
No New Posts development
the development board contains sub-boards for thread trackers, plot threads, and wanted ads. other miscellaneous character development can be posted within the main board (i.e. moodboards and character playlists).
Subforums: plotting, tracking, searching, ic quickchat

49 241 Nov 20 2017, 03:46 PM
In: take me into the fight
By: jessica king
No New Posts technology
after creating a character, members are required to make a pc account for each of their characters in the sub-board found within. members may also create threads for texting, calling, instant-messaging, social media, or any other communication that can be conducted through electronics.
Subforums: pc, messaging

71 70 Nov 19 2017, 01:35 PM
In: gather ye rosebuds while ye...
By: apireine elie

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No New Posts intramural teams
clubs categorized as 'intramural teams' are ones that created for the purpose of recreationally competing against other students within the academy. these are student run organizations that have no impact on academic performance, though they may occasionally compete with opposing universities if the opportunity should arise. further information about these clubs can be found within including existing clubs and how to join as members or apply as officers.
Subforums: combat teams, performance teams

3 1 Nov 20 2017, 04:50 PM
In: midas’ touch
By: jessica king
No New Posts type-based clubs
type-based clubs are no longer "university approved" student organizations, however that has not stopped their activity. these clubs are often run by "well off individuals" and tend to be largely competitive with each other. they center around a certain type or combination of two types and usually require that you posses a Pokemon of that type to join. further information about these clubs can be found within including existing clubs and how to join as members or apply as officers.
2 0 Nov 17 2017, 11:11 AM
By: adrienne redwood
No New Posts social clubs
there are a number of clubs categorized as "social clubs" that tends to be a catch-all term for non-competitive clubs that are officially recognized by the academy. these clubs typically center around community service or shared hobbies/interests of the student. there are constantly new social clubs being created by passionate students interesting in connecting with likeminded individuals. further information regarding existing clubs and how to join or become an officer can be found within the board.
3 3 Oct 8 2017, 11:34 AM
In: The Cryptid Hunting Guild (...
By: jeremy deen

Collapse   on campus
Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
No New Posts the registrar
the first building that students and faculty stop at when arriving at the university is the registrar. this is where they will receive their schedule, housing information, and university assigned pokemon. it is normally a quick stop, however many students are found at the office whenever paperwork is involved, whether it be official absences or university records for use in job search or internship. those wishing to inquire about their grades or request any sort of change to their schedule or housing are directed here. it's a surprisingly bustling location as there is always work to be done.
3 3 Nov 19 2017, 06:07 PM
In: apireine's registrar
By: sage
No New Posts the breeding center
the center is open to anyone interested, however faculty and students studying within the field of "selection" or involved in a breeding club are given priority and special treatment. there are particular rules that must be abided by when using the breeding center that are displayed on a little sign sitting prettily on the front desk. the facility includes both indoor and outdoor areas as well as both incubation and nesting rooms to suit whichever preference you may have.
3 11 Nov 20 2017, 12:47 AM
In: you'll wish that you ne...
By: dahlia owens
No New Posts university commons
smack dab in the center of campus sits a statue of a frail old man with a faded plaque that reads "hugh mccrain". situated around the statue in an eccentric pattern are the variably sized and colored buildings of the university commons. bridging the gaps between buildings are carefully manicured lawns and winding sidewalks densely shaded by age-old maple trees. though students are encouraged to let their pokemon roam free and unwind in the crisp, clean air, it is cautioned that the pokemon that assist in grounds-keeping do not approve of blemishes inflicted upon their precise work.
7 109 Nov 21 2017, 09:37 PM
In: rock 'em, sock' em ...
By: booker von brandt
No New Posts campus library
close to the university commons sits a proud, extravagant building- bone white in color. large pillars line the building's facade, mirroring jet black doors nearly wide as they are tall. within the doors is a black and white tiled floor and spotless interior lined with black shelving that hold meticulously color-coded books. at the top of two monochrome staircases is an immense portrait of the founder and his seven colorful pokemon. silence is a requirement, not a request, and though pokemon are encouraged in many areas of campus, this is not one- too much of a hazard, the librarian claims.
7 25 Yesterday at 06:07 am
In: bibliophilia
By: lillian blackbriar
No New Posts combat arena
the combat arena is a commonly frequented place filled not only with the well known main arena, but also various spaces students can sign up for to use for training. these rooms are equipped with dummies, simulators, exercise machinery, and the like. the main arena is used both for class and club competition and, on occasion, can be reserved for students to use when unoccupied. the arena is lined with seating in the form of bleachers, and is set up for broadcast throughout the school in the event that large intramural matches occur.
2 7 Sep 1 2017, 11:16 AM
In: i've seen fire, and i...
By: lorelei gardener
No New Posts contest hall
within the hall are three stages: two "practice" and one "main" stage. the main stage has expansive theatre seating, intricate lighting, and is set up for broadcast throughout the school. unfortunately, this stage can only be used by class or clubs that rent it out for their various activities and competitions. the practice stages can be signed up for by students at any time during the day and even on weekends. they also include audience seating, however there are only a couple of rows available. these stages are much smaller with far simpler lighting and customization.
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In: ----
No New Posts classrooms
what is a school without its classrooms? as far as schools go, there is nothing particularly remarkable about kleur's learning spaces... unless you consider the high ceilings and wide windows, eco-friendly automatic lights, whiteboard walls, and only the latest technology. there are classrooms to accommodate any group size: from a handful to a hundred or more. there are conference style classrooms for more conversational learning, bleacher seating that can be pushed in to make room for competition demonstrations- if you can think it, it exists. after all, where else do you think all that tuition money was going?
3 13 Nov 19 2017, 05:20 PM
In: pokemon pop quiz
By: Altair Caelum

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
No New Posts rainbow lake
rainbow lake is best known for its reflective properties that perfectly mirror the sky and trees around it. those on the shore can enjoy its gentle lapping waves that reach the shore, as well as the dense forestry that surrounds it. a dark, wooden dock extends out just long enough for the water to get deep. a little ways off from the dock sits a small lighthouse that acts as a beacon to those stranded on the other side of the lake. across the way sits a little abandoned shack that has started to become taken over by the forest. among the activities commonly seen here along the lake are fishing, camping, cookouts, and swimming.
Subforums: clear view lighthouse

3 35 Yesterday at 08:28 pm
In: with rainy eyes
By: leander mccullough
No New Posts diy pokewash
seated very conveniently just a couple blocks off of campus, the diy pokewash is a popular place to take your pokemon for some relaxation and a good ol' scrub. metal tubs with roll-out ramps, bins of supplies, and easy to use sprayers are open to use for a small fee. there are even accessory stations for those into dressing up their pokemon companions. though it is advised that perhaps not all pokemon be given a good soaking, it never hurts to give them a good cleaning with a sudsy rag or a thorough brushing. after all, even pokemon can enjoy a good pampering.
2 7 Nov 20 2017, 02:43 PM
In: make your MOVE before im GONE
By: jessica king
No New Posts the graveyard
upon first seeing the graveyard, many might mistake it for a pleasant park. in the fall, the lot is decorated with colorful trees that line the neatly-laid stone path that winds throughout. the tombstones that dot the property are well-kept, as are the wrought iron fences that surround it. however, at night very little light filters through the thick branches of the trees and no lampposts exist anywhere within. the graveyard is largely silent except for the sound of the branches rubbing against each other. it is rumored that spirits wander at night and unlucky trespassers may be taunted by a very mischievous ghost type.
2 6 Nov 21 2017, 06:30 PM
In: playing respects
By: raiza marson
No New Posts howling howell's kennels
just outside of downtown spectra, down a beaten dirt road, lies howling howell's kennels. situated on several acres of fenced land, the kennels house three main buildings: the groomer, the kennels themselves, and the howell household. the land surrounding the business is teeming with flora and fauna, meticulously kept by the inhabitants. the kennels - the howell family's pride and joy - are spacious and comfortable. thick wooden walls separate each kennel. the outside portion consists of heavy steel water bowls, draining trenches, cool awnings and a gate that opens into the training fields. it doesn't get more plush than this.
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In: ----

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No New Posts dormitories
since they are located on campus, it's impossible to get any living situation closer to class... besides, perhaps, stowing away in the classroom itself. though convenient for some, their location restricts the size of the rooms and offers very little privacy. the dorms are also despairingly far from civilization as there are no stores on campus and the city is a good five miles out. however, those looking for cheap rent and to meet new people find this sort of accommodation quite preferable.
2 2 Nov 20 2017, 07:36 AM
In: hi welcome to chilis
By: lila nanase
No New Posts apartments
a step up in size from the dormitories are the apartments. their distance from the school can range anywhere from right at the periphery of campus to the heart of downtown. they are also much more variable in the number of people that may fit in a single unit. in addition to the more commonplace apartments, there are luxury accommodations with large exercise facilities and spacious layouts. these, however, are very rarely single-person apartments and are typically inhabited by the more well-known students who rely on their parents' wealth or fame.
2 4 Nov 21 2017, 09:21 PM
In: no boys allowed
By: piper hobbes
No New Posts houses
most commonly, faculty inhabit the houses clustered around the city and campus. it is not unusual to see students in these areas, though typically many students will split the rent for a household. neighbors are often a rare sight, so the "next door romance" is more of a myth than anything. although the typical homeowner cannot get away with a rowdy house party, many of the rivalry clubs have houses in their own exclusive area where the rules are much more lax.
3 8 Nov 21 2017, 09:50 PM
In: residences
By: december

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
No New Posts spectra park
located in the exact center of the city is spectra park. lined by businesses on all sides, spectra park serves as a home to many of the pokemon trapped within. the park is rather large and spans several acres. various ponds dot the property with the occasional bridge to cross them. the trees are slightly more spread out than those that surround the city and the grassy knoll is even barren of all trees except one large oak that shades the top of the hill. many events take place on the stage that sits in the middle of the park, surrounded by water on almost all sides except for the back where performers and workers can enter.
Subforums: seasonal festival

7 31 Nov 18 2017, 01:21 PM
In: H A P P Y halloween
By: encounters n' events
No New Posts cafe calme
although not the only café located in the area, café calme is a hotspot among students and faculty alike to relax, socialize, and maybe even get some studying in. the inside is dimly lit with little cozy nooks and booths lining the walls and gentle acoustic tunes playing softly in the background. in the center are low-set tables with plush beanbag chairs accompanied by various sized bedding for pokemon of all types. both the lighting and decor are largely mismatched, giving it an eclectic sense of style. at the counter, you can order delicious treats for both you and your pokemon.
3 8 Nov 18 2017, 10:17 PM
In: Scent of Coffee on a rainy ...
By: Hector de Luna
No New Posts the prism mall
close to spectra park lies a large, modern structure made primarily of glass. though potentially a safety hazard, the mall is very closely guarded by both people and pokemon alike and the glass that encloses it is exceptionally thick. inside the mall are restaurants and shops galore, as well as the local movie theater. the interior of the mall is a mix of clean white with splashes of vibrant color. one particularly striking feature is the large amount of plant life scattered throughout the building. wild grass or bug pokemon that make their way into the building can occasionally be found by a surprised customer.
5 25 Nov 13 2017, 04:28 PM
In: it's electric
By: finley alder
No New Posts technicolor arcade
tucked away in a random street of downtown spectra are a set of sliding glass doors that lead into a two-storied building. inside are rows and rows of arcade machines and blinking lights. the decorations within are mismatched and eccentric- a string of paper lanterns one side and varied color of lights hanging from the ceiling in a sporadic manner. Except for the patchwork lighting and blinking lights of the machines, the building is largely dark. for those wishing to impress their date, certain machines will give ticket prizes that can be traded in the back for pokedolls and other small items.
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No New Posts synesthesia
around the corner from the arcade, in a dimly lit alleyway, sits a rather unremarkable set of stairs leading down to a black door guarded by a man and his machoke. those that provide proof that they are over the age of eighteen are allowed past the door into the dark club simply littered with pulsating lights of all color. the music is always cranked to an almost unnecessary volume, adding to the mayhem within. those wishing to drunkenly start a fight are promptly ejected from the building and it is strongly encouraged that people keep their pokemon in their balls to decrease the likelihood of impulsive, disruptive battles.
1 9 Nov 9 2017, 10:18 PM
In: ▲ your stories start out ...
By: lorelei gardener
No New Posts around town
a city isn't only made up of big locations! for between the park and mall and arcade are a maze of streets that connect parts of the city to another. from street corners to bus stops or vague alleyways, this covers any area within spectra city that is yet to be big enough to be recognized as its own standing location. while most of the city is kept very nice and presentable, there are some much shadier areas if you look hard enough ...
1 3 Nov 18 2017, 09:59 AM
In: ▲ wandering wayward
By: leander mccullough

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
No New Posts member lounge
only registered members may post in the following board. within the lounge, you can find introductions, games, chat, and more. some games may require use of an in-character account, but keep in mind it does not add to your post count!
Subforums: introductions, games, graphics and codes

33 144 Nov 21 2017, 08:28 PM
In: Kleur Academy Host Club
By: neverland
No New Posts absences
if you plan on leaving town or life is getting increasingly busy, please leave the staff a notification here in case you're absent for an activity check. it's also kind to give your peers a heads up so they're aware of a delay in responses. if you don't manage to post an absence before disappearing, please post here if you can remember at some point so we know that you're okay!
7 17 Yesterday at 08:19 pm
In: i didn't choose the aca...
By: zephyr
No New Posts plug board
feel free to post your advertisements in the appropriate sub-boards within. if you're looking to affiliate, please respond to the thread with our own affiliate banner and code. the affiliation rules can be found within the thread, as well. we respectfully ask that you do not advertise anywhere else on the site. thank you!
Subforums: jcink, proboards, other, link back

226 6 Today at 12:39 am
In: Seven Deadly Sins: New Age
No New Posts archives
archived and deleted posts can be found within this board. if you would like to recover an archived application or thread, please pm us one of the staff to move it.
Subforums: announcements, processed forms, threads, events

102 484 Nov 19 2017, 10:12 AM
In: ros' test
By: december

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