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 nathaniel j. ashcent, freshman, competition, performance
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“clinging to your mortal coil”
Nathaniel J. Ashcent
Nathaniel has always given off a somewhat fragile impression, reaching just below the average male height for his age. And whilst he definitely possesses a layer of muscle over his bones, the most apt word for describing his physique is undoubtedly "wiry." Nathaniel is that kid that other boys saw as an opportunity to reinforce their own masculinity, a scapegoat if you will. It's a trait that is further reflected in his more minute features, and his blue-eyed baby-face does little much else to deter from a relatively naive, youthful impression at first glance. As much a personality trait as a aesthetic aspect, Nathaniel is a neat-freak. His light brown hair is always leaning at the same angle, and hiis pale skin seems immune to even the most minor of blemishes. And yet despite this, Nathaniel maintains an odious air of illness in his appearance. It's not something the teenager attempts to portray, in fact it's quite the opposite, yet his skin has always maintained an unnatural shade of white, and his lithe physique seems almost sickly at times. It's a subtle trait of course, but once someone takes note of it, it becomes increasingly apparent in every aspect of Nathaniel's appearance. In recent years Nathaniel has tried to pay much more attention to his wardrobe and as such has acquired an extensive range of attire that he often recycles. Nathaniel's "look" is constantly evolving, transforming in tangent with those celebrities and other members of what he thinks is "high society” (in reality he’s going for a budget equivalent). Of course the boy has personal preferences, with particular fancy towards capes, coats, and a variety of other winter wear that provides invaluable assistance with Nathaniel's ever-present disposition to the coldest air-con setting possible. It's rare to see the boy without at least some kind of scarf around his neck, a "staple" in his attire.
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Pretty much everything Nathaniel does in life is motivated by a desire to be more than he “realistically” should. He can’t simply ignore the fact that he’s essentially a ticking time bomb and so he’s driven by an incessant, impatient desire to prove that his existence means something before it’s over. For his father and brother, this means validating their financial sacrifices with academic success. For his mother, this means becoming proficient enough to compete on the same level as she once did. For himself, he’s still figuring it out, but for the moment he’s content on pushing for valedictorian. Death is both an incredibly familiar and terrifying concept for Nathaniel. While his mother was alive the boy had always managed to find a kind of subdued hope that their shared condition wasn’t as potent as doctors had always made it out to be. But after his mother’s passing, the possibility of his own death became a much more prevalent, ominous reality. Of course there’s little Nathaniel can do to avoid the reaper if it chooses to come, he’s on the most progressive medication available. But nevertheless the concept of death as an ever present force is Nathaniel’s most potent source of motivation. Because the one thing he fears more than death is dying without ever having achieved anything worthwhile. In many ways, Nathaniel's more dominant characteristics juxtapose each-other in a manner some may find difficult or simply too tedious to bother comprehending. His desire to start out his college life as something of a social mogul is innately counteracted by his remarkably timid nature and instinctive avoidance of any situation that possesses even the slightest chance of confrontation. At the same time his desire for independence is consistently hampered by the fact that sooner or later his own solitude consistently forces him to seek out the company and support of others. He's a boy feels as though he has a clear understanding of himself and his own desires, yet at the same time is consistently working against himself in achieving these aspirations, both consciously and subconsciously Nevertheless Nathaniel attempts to treat each and every person he meets with an equal level of respect and amicability, he has no time for, nor any idea of how to deal with rivals or enemies in a school environment. Of course, it's rare for someone to honestly approach every new relationship on a completely unbiased, balanced perspective, even Nathaniel has his flaws. Whilst his disparities in this regard are minimal, the teenager has always found it more difficult to connect with your stereotypical jock, partly due to the fact that it was this particular brand of of cliche that made his childhood schooling unbearable. Nathaniel himself is by no means the sporty kind, not by any choice of his own of course. Rather due to the specific course of events in his life and his own health problems he's has always found himself to be much more academically and culturally inclined, areas of study he has been restricted to for the majority of his life. Due to the nature of his illness, and the fact that it has hence restricted him to such a minute sphere of activity, Nathaniel has grown to take an alarming sense of pride in doing what he does well. Regardless of whether or not this is in his study, his battling or his training, Nathaniel plays with every intention of ending up on top.
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Pierre Ashcent and Sienna Purcelle were a peculiar couple, childhood sweethearts growing up in Snowpoint city, no one would ever deny that they were good for eachother. But Sienna had always seemed like a woman who needed a much larger stage. She was, for all intensive purposes, one of the most phenomenal coordinating talents of her generation. Pierre on the other hand, despite being perfectly lovely, was dreadfully ordinary. Everyone expected their relationship to peter out as Sienna’s career skyrocketed and yet despite all preconceptions they made it work. Even after their marriage Sienna would travel eight months of the year on the professional circuit, and Pierre would wait, patiently and contentedly. A truly supportive husband. As Sienna’s career soared she would eventually start bring in enough money that Pierre himself no longer needed to work, and so he set about raising their first born Richard. Sienna was Snowpoint’s pride and joy on the coordinating scene, a breath of fresh air for a town that held little else in terms of claim to fame. Bluntly put, Nathaniel ruined this. He was the unplanned child in an otherwise perfect family, a fact his father and brother would quite easily testify to. Inheriting a genetic heart condition from his mother, the boy was destined to life locked inside a hospital from the moment of his birth. Sienna would retire almost immediately following the diagnosis, an incredible sense of guilt plaguing her for having passed on a condition that she herself hadn’t even been aware of. Relying on the savings she’d earnt over the last season, Sienna chained herself to Nathaniel’s bed, ensuring that the boy was more than adequately supported in the first crucial years of his life. Even then it wasn't until his fourth birthday that the doctors deemed the boy's state suitable to see the outside world. Whilst the outdoors entranced Nathaniel much like the flame would a moth, Sienna took extreme caution in restricting his time outside the walls of the hospital. Sharing the same condition as her younger son meant that Sienna found herself carrying much of the burden, and she dedicated herself to researching as much as she could about the specifics of their diagnosis. It was from this understanding that Sienna helped her son understand the true nature of his condition, and the best way in which he could improve his chances of someday living at home with the rest of his family. Nathaniel became more content to remain patient, and instead of venting his frustration at being trapped indoors, turned his attention towards accelerating his academic education. In the first eight years of his life, Nathaniel only saw his father twice, and was only made aware of his brother's existence through the tales his mother would tell him. Surprisingly however, this never became a topic of anger or bitterness for the young child, he’d always just assumed that all families were like this. In fact, when Nathaniel was first officially released from the hospital at the age of twelve and found himself living amongst the fabled brother and his illusive father, the young boy seemed almost oblivious to their existence. It would seem as if he didn't want to deal with the possible confrontation that could ensue through any sort of relationship with either of those family members. Yet Nathaniel could not avoid confrontation forever, not even surviving the first week of middle school before finding himself subjected to the jeers and glares of a group of boys in his class. It seemed minor at first, mere vocal jibes and taunts that Nathaniel barely even noticed, yet his oblivious nature seemed to do nothing bar fuel the fire, and it wasn't long before his attackers turned from their mouths to their fists. By the end of his first year at middle school, both Nathaniel's mental and physical state had deteriorated so drastically as a result of relentless bullying, that he found himself confined to the white walls of the hospital once more. It was a bittersweet return, in one way the familiar white walls represented a level of comfort and safety he had come to miss almost dearly. None of his high-school assailants could reach him here inside the walls of the hospital. Yet on the other hand it made Nathaniel feel weak, his reliance on other forces in order to survive becoming increasingly apparent, whilst at the same time missing the briefs joys he'd experienced in the outside world, friendships that simply could not be maintained in a hospital environment such as this. In the end, Nathaniel reach a certain level of contentment playing it safe, at least until his middle school education was complete. And so years would pass, and Nathaniel gradually grew reacquainted with a life governed by those employed to help him survive. Of course he was not completely content with such an existence, and so the boy dedicated himself to preparing himself to one day live independent of those around him, taking on as many academic and physical rehabilitation programs as were made available. Sienna would remain at his side the entire time, edging her son on to even greater successes, until the day the illness she'd avoided for so long would claim her almost as suddenly as her symptoms appeared. The shock was intense, far greater than anything Nathaniel had ever known to be possible, the situation was so disarmingly powerful that it actually managed to bring the remnants of Sienna's family together, if only for a single day. It was almost as though they'd all entirely forgotten that Sienna too, possessed the same condition that had crippled Nathaniel since birth. In remembering that, the woman's feat of strength took on such a larger magnitude, as though she had forced herself to survive long enough to see her own son grow strong enough enough to fend for himself. Such a fact was not lost on Pierre, and whilst the man had never held an overwhelming sense of connection to his younger son, Sienna’s sacrifice motivated the man to dedicate a significant portion of his remaining savings to give Nathaniel that chance to experience life as he'd always dreamed of, a chance to make something of himself outside the hospital walls, and a chance to do so on his own accord, within the halls of Kleur Academy.
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On behalf of Kleur Academy and its community, I am pleased to announce your admission! We are delighted to have you and your pokemon join our student body!
nathaniel ashcent has been accepted!
i love nate. i truly, undeniably do. he's an absolutely adorable faceclaim with an equally adorable personality- his history adds so many levels to who he is and i feel so invested in him already. i'm particularly eager to plot him with my boy morgan rhys who is also a young one with some parallels in personality... but also some stark contrasts. unlike nate, he's had a rather cushy life and feels no rush in deciding where he wants to go in life or what he wants to do. i'm wondering how much the two could grow from each other if they were to meet... also, morgan has a feebas too c; i like that you forwent the extra pokemon and picked a feebas of all things- especially with the personality that it has. some unconvential but truly fitting choices are what really make nate stand out and i certainly appreciate that. he's absolutely lovely and i'm so excited to have him on the site. welcome, welcome, welcome and hopefully this is a long happy home for you to rp in! <33

you're now free to post with this character! don't forget to fill out any claims that they may need, or receive their registrar pokemon. they are required to have a pc, and you can also create a shipper, to start plotting with other characters if your heart so desires. welcome aboard!

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